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The traditional medium for presenting historical evidence is the narrative essay.   Historians feel comfortable with that method, so we ask our students to write book reviews, research papers, and essay exams.   Students in this class are required to complete at least four essays on primary source readings during the semester.  In addition, all examinations are of the essay variety. 

This project, however, was designed not only to examine history but also to foster creativity and to cultivate each individual's special talents.   Therefore, students are given the flexibility to work in the medium of their choice (e.g., an essay, a work of art, a dramatic presentation, a multimedia computer presentation, an interpretive dance, a debate, a slide presentation, a short story, an architectural model, and so on). 

Upon completion of their projects, students will make oral presentations to the class. See Guidelines for Class Presentations for more details.

In addition, their work will be displayed here.  You'll see abstracts of their work, images and sounds relating to their projects, and Internet sources for readers to obtain more information.   See Gallery of Student Presentations for examples of the work students did in Spring 1999.   

To help students get started, we have provided some Suggested Topics, along with a list of Primary & Secondary Sources. Any of the online resouces listed at the end of lecture topics are also good sources.


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