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Class Notes














Course Introduction
The Ancient World

The Foundations of Western Civilization in the Ancient World
(PowerPoint Presentation)
Primitive Thought and Custom
The Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
Ancient Egypt
General Outlook of Near Eastern Cultures
Geek Civilization: Political and Social Organization
The Greek Genius: Character, Religion, Philosophy, Science
Roman Civilization
Pax Romana and the Roman Contribution

The Medieval World

The Rise and Triumph of Christianity
The Fall of Rome
The Byzantine Empire
Islamic Civilization
Western Society
The Developing Christian Church
The Ascendancy of the Church
The Rise of National States
People, Towns, and Universities

The Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance
The Northern Renaissance

The Reformation

Martin Luther and the German Reformation
The English Reformation
Zwingli, Calvin and the Anabaptists
The Relationship of Protestantism, Capitalism, and Democracy

Note: These teaching notes were derived over the years from a variety of sources in preparation for class lectures. Obviously, the ideas are not original. However, it is no longer feasible to credit the original sources.



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