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Go to

Click on the Check Email button to the left of the Yahoo! logo.

Click on Sign Me Up!

If you agree with the Terms of Service, click the I Accept button.

Complete Section 1 (Create Your Yahoo! Email Name and Password) and Section 2 (Personal Account Information) by filling in the blanks.

For your protection and to prevent unsolicited mail, it is recommended that you:

Remove the check mark from the box in front of Add my Yahoo! Mail listing for free.  This will keep your name out of the People Search Email Listing.

Select Please don't contact me in response to Yes, please contact me using:

Do not complete Section 3 (Tell Us About Your Interests), which is optional.

Click on the Submit this form button in Section 4.

If your Email Name is already in use, you will be asked to select another name. Otherwise, the information will be processed and you will have a Yahoo! email account.

After your account is established, you can access your email from any computer that is hooked up to the Internet by going to and clicking on the Check Email button to the left of the Yahoo! logo.



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