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FILM-The Western Tradition: 1. The Dawn of History (5 min.)
Readings2.gif (888 bytes)     A. THE ANCIENT WORLD
Reading Assignments: Text: Chapters 1-4
Primary Sources: The Dialogues of Plato: The Allegory of the Cave
Online Resources: As assigned
Film2.gif (924 bytes)   W-8/25 1. The Foundations of Western Civilization
      2. Primitive Thought and Custom
FILM-Why Man Creates: In His Own Image (20 min.)
    M-8/30 3. The Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
      4. Egyptian Civilization
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   W-9/1 5. General Outlook of Near Eastern Cultures
6. Greek Civilization: Political and Social Organization
Due: Topic for Semester Project
No Class2.gif (887 bytes)   M-9/6 LABOR DAY (NO CLASS)
    W-9/8 7. The Greek Genius: Character, Religion, Philosophy, Science
Film2.gif (924 bytes)   M-9/13 Essay I Due: Discussion of Plato's Allegory of the Cave
FILM-How Should We Then Live: 1. The Roman World (30 min.)
    W-9/15 8. Roman Civilization
    M-9/20 9. Pax Romana and the Roman Contribution
Exam.gif (896 bytes)   W-9/22 Examination I
Readings2.gif (888 bytes)     B. THE MEDIEVAL WORLD
Reading Assignments: Text: Chapters 5-11
Primary Sources: St. Augustine's City of God and
Abelard's Story of My Misfortures
Online Resources: As assigned
    M-9/27 1. The Medieval World: An Overview
The Rise of Christianity
      2. The Fall of Rome
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   W-9/29


3. The Byzantine Empire and Islamic Civilization
Due: Topic and List of Sources for Semester Project
(transmit via Email or on diskette)
    M-10/4 4. Western Society and the Developing Christian Church
    W-10/6 5. Europe's Search for Stability: Feudalism, Manorialism, Chivalry
Film2.gif (924 bytes)   M-10/11 Essay II Due: Discussion of St. Augustine's City of God
FILM-How Should We Then Live: 2. The Middle Ages (30 min.)
    W-10/13 6. The Ascendancy of the Church
    M-10/18 7. The Rise of National States
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   W-10/20 8. People, Towns, and Universities
Last Hour in Computer Lab
Film2.gif (924 bytes)   M-10/25 Essay III Due: Discussion of Abelard's Story of My Misfortunes
FILM-The Western Tradition: 24. The National Monarchies (30 min.)
Exam.gif (896 bytes)   W-10/27 Examination II
Readings2.gif (888 bytes)     C. THE RENAISSANCE
Reading Assignments: Text: Chapter 12
Primary Sources: "The Oration on the Dignity of Man"and
Machiavelli's "The Prince"

Online Resources: As assigned
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   M-11/1 1. The Italian Renaissance
Due: Preliminary Outline of Semester Project
    W-11/3 2. The Northern Renaissance
Film2.gif (924 bytes)   M-11/8 Essay IV Due: Discussion of "The Oration on the
Dignity of Man"and Machiavelli's "The Prince"
FILM-Excerpts from "The Agony and the Ecstacy" (30 min.)
Reading Assignments: Text: Chapter 13-15
Primary Sources: Martin Luther's 95 Theses
Online Resources: As assigned
  W-11/10 1. Martin Luther and the German Reformation
FILM-How Should We Then Live: 1. The Reformation (30 min.)
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   M-11/15 2. The English Reformation
Due: Final Outline of Semester Project
    W-11/17 3. Zwingli, Calvin, and the Anabaptists
4. The Relationship Between Protestantism, Capitalism, and Democracy
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   M-11/29 Student Presentations
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   W-12/1 Student Presentations
Presentation.gif (913 bytes)   M-12/6 Student Presentations
Exam.gif (896 bytes)   W-12/8 Make-Up Examinations | Review
Exam.gif (896 bytes)   F-12/10 Comprehensive Final Examination
    M-8/30 Last day to drop a 16-week class & receive 100% refund
    Tu-9/7 Last day to drop a 16-week class & receive 80% refund
Last day to drop a 16-week class & not receive a W on transcript
    Th-11/4 Last day to withdraw from a 16-week class with a W on transcript


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